A slightly different marketing effort from Hyundai, the popular vehicle brand recently announced its partnership with clothing designer Emma Mulholland. Mulholland was contracted by Hyundai to make a jacket that would promote and represent the Veloster line of vehicles. Sporty, sophisticated, and comfortable is what both Veloster and the jacket represent. It’s a double-sided jacket concept symbolizing how the Veloster has a couple of different sides to it. You can use this vehicle for daily driving, but it’s also sporty enough that you’ll be turning heads as you rev your engine.

Initially, a social media conversation took place online thanks to Bauer Media. Multiple people contributed to the overall concept of what the jacket should look like. Eventually, it became time to find a designer that would be able to incorporate all of the ideas into a final product. Mulholland did a stellar job, and now the jacket is the main focus and representation of the Veloster.

When you’re looking at the Veloster jacket, you’ll see that one side looks very professional. The other side lets its hair down and has a good time. This is much like the Veloster. One side of the jacket is detailed in red pinstriping, which reflects the red stitching on the interior of the vehicle. There is a hidden pocket that is meant to represent the hidden door of the Veloster.

There are so many little details that you have to catch. The other ‘party’ side of the jacket has a sun and a moon that relaying a baton to each other. This shows you can be a bit more on the conservative side during the day, but be prepared to let your hair down at night. Speed stripes on the sleeves round out the sporty vibe of the Veloster. You can view different angles through photos of the jacket, from photographer Juliet Taylor of Pool Collective.

The Hyundai Veloster is a vehicle that we get a lot of attention. People are interested in what it has to offer. It’s so much more affordable than the competition, but you get a lot of the same features. We here at Van Hyundai encourage you to stop down and check out some of the current Veloster trim levels that we have on our lot right now. We’ll get you behind the wheel for a test drive. You’re going to be amazed at the power and handling of this vehicle.