Hyundai Helping Pay Off Student Loan Debt. How Does it Work?

Student Loan Debt

$1.5 Trillion Student Loan Debt

The United States has amassed over $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, a staggering figure that makes it the second highest category of consumer debt in the country. More people owe more money on student loan debts than they owe on either auto loans or even credit cards, and that makes this one category of debt that is shocking when you look at the totality of it. Hyundai decided to look at the totality of it, and the famous automaker promptly decided that they wanted to help the country's students pay down their student loans (provided they buy Hyundai vehicles, of course). Hyundai customers will be happy to know that they may be able to pay off a chunk of their student loan debt just by driving a Hyundai vehicle.

How Does Hyundai Pay Off Student Loan Debt?

If you're a potential Hyundai customer in Phoenix, Arizona or the state of California, you're going to have an entirely new reason to buy a Hyundai vehicle. Other than getting one of the most economical and dependent vehicles on the road, you're also going to have the chance to pay off $900 of your student loan debts. Michael DePaul, director of retail operations for Hyundai Motor America, has made a statement about the program which is called Student Assistance. DePaul says, "We recognize that student loan debt is one of the most significant financial stress points for people and we want to help address that issue while allowing people to take advantage of the many benefits of owning a new vehicle."

This program is especially appealing to college students, both present and past, because Hyundai vehicles are definitely within the price range of even first-year college students. It's not always an economy brand, but they feature a lot of cost-effective vehicles that become even more cost-effective when you consider that you're paying down your student loan debt $900. And while going to college is almost always a smart idea, it gets even smarter when you buy a Hyundai vehicle that's going to stand the test of time and save you money on repairs over the years, give you efficient gas mileage, and take $900 bucks off your student loan debt. There's nothing quite as smart as getting a good car and saving money at the same time. Hyundai is making it easy for you to do.

Call Dealership for More Information

Our dealership is obviously a big fan of the Hyundai brand. That's why we sell these beautiful vehicles. We'd love to help our customers who qualify for this promotion take advantage of it. If you'd like to learn more about Hyundai's Student Assistance program, please call one of our very helpful salespeople today. They'll tell you about the program, help you see if you qualify, and obviously if you would like to take advantage of this deal and buy a Hyundai vehicle, our staff is always there to help you do that, too. We offer test drives of your preferred model - whatever it may be - all day long! You can get in touch with us about the Student Assistance program by writing to us online, calling us, or simply stopping by our lot and asking about Hyundai's endeavor to help students get rid of some of their student loan debt.

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