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Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable


Having a car reach 100,000 miles was once an astonishing feat. Today, vehicles on the road can last up to 200,000 miles or more! Despite what you might think, sheer luck isn't what makes them reach that point. Some cars are designed to last longer than others by nature. However, the quality of care that a vehicle's owner dedicates to its care can also determine how well it performs down the road. Our Hyundai dealership offers recommendations to ensure your car is as dependable and reliable as possible.

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Update your Hyundai Navigation System

Hyundai Navigation 
Since 2017, Hyundai has included a navigation system in all of their models, which is standard. The technology works with the infotainment system to ensure you can take different routes to reach your destination while using the vehicle each day. The automaker has even updated the technology to make it more advanced and efficient because of issues like construction that have altered maps of specific areas. This upgrade was provided at no additional cost to Hyundai drivers.
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How Not to be a Car Hacking Victim?

Hyundai Apple Carplay Dash Panel

Imagine that you're driving down the road when the AC turns on in cold weather. Either that or the radio starts playing hip hop. Suddenly, the engine dies in the middle of the highway with traffic all around. What do you do now? These could be signs that you were hacked by a hacker. Today's cars have a lot of technology in them, which has turned them into one big computer. Unfortunately, some criminals have taken advantage of this new flaw to benefit themselves. To avoid becoming a car hacking victim, here are a couple of actions that…

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Which Hyundai Cars have Blue Link?

Hyundai Blue Link

Blue Link is a feature in many Hyundai cars and trucks that combines information, entertainment, and safety. You get all of the benefits of an infotainment system without having to take your eyes off the road to operate the accessory when you have Blue Link. This feature comes with the ultimate goal of significantly reducing distractions so that you can focus on other things in life such as getting to where you need to go…

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2015 Sonata Gets Apple CarPlay

Apple enthusiasts have been celebrating the release of the Apple CarPlay system since it was announced earlier this year. Now it looks like Apple and Hyundai enthusiasts will have even more to celebrate, as the new 2015 Hyundai Sonata is set to receive this exciting piece of infotainment technology.

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