How To Fix XM Radio if it Stops Working

SiriusXM Radio was created to enhance the driver's listening experience. It is for this reason that the system rarely has problems related to audio and access to channels. Consider these tips, though, if your SiriusXM Radio encounters operational issues.

What If I Have No Signal or Antenna Not Detected?

Sirius is satellite radio, which means that signals transmitting from Point A to Point B are essential. You can ensure a smooth transition from satellite to car stereo by parking in an area where no obstructions intercept the connection. Those parked in garages probably will not get a strong signal until after leaving the structure.

As for antenna detection, Sirius owners should make sure that there is no damage to the device. Antennas that are bent or broken will not be capable of delivering the strongest signal. You may need to turn off your SiriusXM Radio to reset the system after fixing a problem with the stereo's antenna.

What If I Have No Audio?

There are times when, even with a good connection, audio will not transmit through the speakers to your ears. You should check to make sure that your Sirius radio is tuned to the same FM frequency that your traditional car radio uses. When using an AUX cable, make sure that all connections are firm and that the FM mode is the SiriusXM radio system is set to OFF. It is also a good idea to check the host radio setting to ensure that it is set to auxiliary input mode.

What If I Have Fading Audio or Static?

Sometimes static is the result of cables being improperly connected. A good way to rectify this problem is to check all cords to ensure that everything is secure. It may also be beneficial for you to find another FM channel as static is sometimes the result of interference.

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