Hyundai Electric Vehicles 

Hyundai Electric & Hybrid Vehicles For Sale in Carrollton

Whether you choose a car with a hybrid powertrain or one that runs exclusively on electric power, you can't go wrong with an electrified vehicle from Hyundai. Hyundai models powered fully or partially by electricity offer the same benefits as regular gas-powered cars, including industry-leading warranties, top-notch safety, and plenty of technology.

Hyundai Electric & Hybrid Models

  • IONIQ Hybrid
  • IONIQ Electric
  • IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid
  • Sonata Hybrid
  • Elantra Hybrid
  • Santa Fe Hybrid
  • Santa Fe Plug-in Hybrid
  • Kona Electric

The IONIQ is a compact hatchback that is available with three powertrain configurations. The IONIQ Hybrid offers a Blue trim level that delivers the best fuel economy of any hybrid in America, even beating out the Prius. The IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid offers a strong battery and gas range, all-electric mode, and special access to HOV lanes where available. If you're interested in a zero-emissions vehicle, the IONIQ Electric is a great option that will free you from the pump.

The Sonata Hybrid is a sedan with a stylish coupe-like design, spacious interior and available features such as a solar roof panel that converts sunlight into electricity. Also available for sedan shoppers, the Elantra Hybrid offers sharp looks and best-in-class passenger space (99.4 cu. ft.), which is more than you'll get with competitors like the Toyota Corolla Hybrid and Honda Insight Hybrid.

Lastly, Hyundai makes hybrid and electric SUVs. The Kona Electric is an agile and subcompact SUV that once earned the North American Utility Vehicle of the Year Award (2019), while the Santa Fe Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid are compact SUVs with standard all-wheel drive.

What is the difference between electric, hybrid, and plug-in models?

Electric vehicles (EVs) differ from hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) because they run solely on electricity. EVs use electric motors and battery packs, while hybrids combine gasoline and electric power. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) also combine gas and electric power. However, their batteries can be charged using a power source outside of the vehicle, and they typically have larger batteries than HEVs. These aspects help increase the range of plug-ins compared to regular hybrids.

What are Hyundai's electric and hybrid efficiency ratings?

The IONIQ Electric has a range of 170 miles, while the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid has an EPA estimated 52 MPG highway and a combined gas/electric range of 620 miles. The IONIQ Hybrid is rated at 60 MPG highway. If you're interested in a sedan, the Sonata Hybrid achieves 54 MPG highway, while the Elantra Hybrid delivers 56 MPG highway. Hyundai's SUV options have great efficiency as well. The Kona Electric has an EPA estimated 258 miles in range, while the Santa Fe Hybrid gets 34 MPG combined and the Santa Fe Plug-in Hybrid gets 33 MPG combined.

How long does it take to charge an electric Hyundai car?

Using a DC fast-charge outlet, an all-electric Hyundai can charge most of its battery in up to 54 minutes. An all-electric Hyundai will fully recharge at home with a 220V or 240V outlet in approximately 6 hours for IONIQ EV models and 9.5 hours for KONA EV models. However, keep in mind that various factors can affect charging times, such as outside temperatures and State of Charge. In regard to the latter, if the State of Charge is below 20% or above 80%, the battery will charge at a slower rate.

Do Hyundai electric and hybrid vehicles have towing capacity?

Yes. The Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid is capable of towing up to 3,500 pounds, and the Kona Electric can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

How can I learn more about hybrid and electric Hyundai models?

You can find out more details about Hyundai's electrified lineup by calling or visiting our Hyundai dealership in Carrollton, TX. Our friendly and helpful staff will gladly answer any questions you have.