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Hyundai Helping Pay Off Student Loan Debt. How Does it Work?

Student Loan Debt

$1.5 Trillion Student Loan Debt

The United States has amassed over $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, a staggering figure that makes it the second highest category of consumer debt in the country. More people owe more money on student loan debts than they owe on either auto loans or even credit cards, and that makes this one category of debt that is shocking when you look at the totality of it.

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Why Spring is the Best Season to Change Your Air Filter

Hyundai Ready For Spring

Spring brings us warmer weather and most people are typically more active. We clean our homes as a tradition to welcome the season. One thing many people forget is to take care of their car as well. Your car works hard all winter long to perform as we'd expect. Cleaning our vehicles and getting a checkup helps them to be ready for new driving conditions. Changing your cabin's air filter also helps to keep the allergens out of your vehicle. Preventative maintenance will keep your vehicle running great throughout the seasons.

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How Not to be a Car Hacking Victim?

Hyundai Apple Carplay Dash Panel

Imagine that you're driving down the road when the AC turns on in cold weather. Either that or the radio starts playing hip hop. Suddenly, the engine dies in the middle of the highway with traffic all around. What do you do now? These could be signs that you were hacked by a hacker. Today's cars have a lot of technology in them, which has turned them into one big computer. Unfortunately, some criminals have taken advantage of this new flaw to benefit themselves. To avoid becoming a car hacking victim, here are a couple of actions that…

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What to Do When Hyundai Smart Key Is Not Detected?

Hyundai Smart Key

What Is The Hyundai Smart Key?

The Hyundai Sonata is just one vehicle that features the handy Hyundai Smart Key. This simple yet advanced device does big things for you and your vehicle without making you work too hard for the service. The Smart Key performs many features for your vehicle from a remote range, making it more convenient than ever before to lock and unlock your doors, start up your vehicle, or hit the panic button if the need ever arises. 

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What New Features Does The 2019 Hyundai Veloster Have?

2019 Hyundai Veloster 2.0 Premium

One of the mottos of the Veloster is "Leave the crowd behind," and "Born to Blend out." It's one of those modern hip vehicles that definitely make a big impact on the younger generation, but just about anyone is going to look great behind the wheel of a Veloster. The 2019 Hyundai Veloster is performance enhanced and completely redesigned to appeal to an even bigger audience that wants something a little different than your…

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