Our dealership can get OEM parts for your Hyundai for your brakes, engine or headlights. We can order OEM parts for your steering, suspension or drive train. Mirrors or bumpers might also need to be replaced. It's important to get the correct part with the right fit. Our dealership can order a variety of OEM parts.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Why would you want to utilize an OEM part versus an aftermarket part? An aftermarket part might not even fit your Hyundai. Sometimes the aftermarket parts are mass produced by a third party organization to fit multiple vehicles. Have you ever reluctantly bought a brand you have never heard of? You just hoped it would work out but you knew you would probably get what you paid for. That's sometimes the end result of buying an aftermarket part. They often don't do the job. An OEM part is meant to do exactly what the original part did.

Higher Quality Materials

Quality has ample meaning when it comes to your vehicle and safety. Why would you want to take any chances with a third party aftermarket part? An OEM part is an exact replica built by the same manufacturer. It's made with the same great materials. It's built to last. It's what the vehicle originally came with. Why would you want to put something in your Hyundai that might be anything less than quality? Aftermarket parts are usually less expensive for a reason. They are made with lesser materials. They've been produced in bulk to fit multiple vehicle models. This means you aren't getting the quality you deserve.

Warranty and Support

OEM Brakes and Parts

How do you know the OEM part will last? The good news about an OEM part is it is made by the original manufacturer. They can answer any questions you have about the fit, replacement or part in general. They can also replace any part that is damaged during shipping. Did you know many OEM parts come with a 1 year warranty? Many aftermarket parts have no warranty at all. Many customers feel it's important to also have the support that comes with the OEM parts. This means they can contact the manufacturer to ask questions if needed. They can ask the factory trained technicians at our dealership about the part.

Proper Fit and Ease of Replacement

Easy Brake Installations

As a vehicle owner, you want to replace a part with ease. You don't want any hassle under the hood. You don't want to fight with parts to fit them where they should go. An OEM part does fit with ease. An aftermarket part may or may not fit. It's not always built around the exact specifications like OEM parts are. This is a major difference why many Hyundai owners choose just OEM parts.

You can schedule a time to meet with our vehicle service department today. We can answer any questions you have about OEM parts.



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