Hyundai Aims for Future Electic Vehicles to Produce 50% More Range Than Current Ones  

Hyundai promised that 50 percent more range will be available for electric vehicles. It is possible with the launch of its new platform. The increased range will be made possible through more efficient battery cells.

It will also have over-the-air updates to the car's software. The announcement signals a new era for electric vehicles. The software updates will be used to improve performance and range. Over-the-air updates allow drivers to make updates without going to a dealership. It will make the process much more convenient. The increased range that Hyundai is promising with its new platform is a good sign. Electric vehicles are becoming more viable as a mainstream option.

Hyundai OTA Updates

SDVs are the future of the automotive industry. Over-the-air updates let you control everything from their safety, infotainment, and self-driving capabilities. It means that the car you buy today could be drastically different from the one you buy tomorrow.

Hyundai is planning to spend big in the coming years to stay ahead of the curve in the Software Age for vehicles. The company has announced that it will be investing $12.6 billion by 2030 in this area. It is in addition to the $2.6 billion that Hyundai has already put into R&D for self-driving cars. The company hopes this investment will help it stay ahead of the competition. They want to win the race to develop autonomous vehicles. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. With so much money being invested, it is clear that this is an important area.

In the Software Age, cars can receive updates over cellular networks. It is similar to phones and other electronic devices. The first vehicles apart of this new era will arrive in 2023. Hyundai Group is preparing for this change. It is investing in new technologies.

They make their vehicles more connected and intelligent.

Hyundai has big plans to embrace SDVs. It includes introducing two new electric vehicle platforms. The first platform, called eM, offers a range improvement of fifty percent. The second platform is called the eS skateboard. It will be used for purpose-built vehicles.

Both platforms will use Hyundai's next-generation electric powertrain. It will be 20 percent more efficient than current systems.

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