Hyundai Smart Key  

The Hyundai Smart Key is featured on many of the newer models that we have on-site here at Van Hyundai. It's a pretty simple concept, but it provides you with excellent convenience. When you're away from your Hyundai, you'll be able to lock your doors remotely, unlock them, start your vehicle up ahead of your arrival, and there is even a panic button that can save you in an emergency. After you learn how to use your smart key, there may come a time when your vehicle isn't recognizing this technology. A little bit of troubleshooting can get everything functioning again.

Hyundai Smart Key Not Detected

Something as simple as a dead battery in your smart key might be the problem. After you replace the battery, you'll be able to determine if that was the issue. Replacing your battery involves a few easy steps.

  1. Pry off the battery cover on the back of your key.
  2. Place the new battery with the + symbol facing up inside of the compartment
  3. Replace the battery cover.
Hyundai Smart Key

Keep in mind; you can start your vehicle without a key, even with a dead battery. Each Hyundai model that is equipped with Smart Key has a holder location. Usually, it is in the center console or the glove compartment. If you insert your key into that area, you'll be able to start your vehicle and operate your Smart Key.

If you're concerned with losing power to your Smart Key because of a dead battery, you could choose to keep a few extras around. You should also know where your other holder's location is. Because this is new technology, not everybody is aware of what needs to be done if a Smart Key isn't working properly. You can always reach out to Van Hyundai's technicians if you would like assistance with your Smart Key.

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