Hyundai Digital Key, Key Fob and Key Card  

The Hyundai Digital Key system was introduced for the Hyundai Sonata in 2020. If you drive a Sonata in the 2020 or 2021 model year, your vehicle may have the Digital Key. If so, you'll need to set it up to access the conveniences available through the system.

Before You Start

To ensure that the system is set up correctly, you'll need to have an Android phone with an operating system of 7.0 or later. You'll need Bluetooth with a system no earlier than 4.0, and you'll need Near Field Communication. After ensuring that you have all the right software, the next step is to set up a MyHundai account if you don't have one already. Be sure to sign up for Hyundai Digital Key services. you'llYou'll need to download an app called Hyundai Digital Key from Google Play onto your phone. Finally, keep your Digital Key Smart Card on hand to complete the process.

Driver Using Hyundai Digital Key

Registering and Syncing Your Phone

This step ensures that your Sonata recognizes your smartphone as the primary key. When you get in the car, turn on your phone and open the Digital Key app. Then, start the vehicle and press the "plus sign" button on the app to begin syncing. Put your phone on the wireless charger, which prompts automatic pairing. If your vehicle comes with navigation, you'll have the option to save the smartphone key as the main key for the car.

Registering Your NFC Card

After setting up your smartphone, you'll want to register and sync your NFC Card. For good practice, carry this card with you, as it can be used as a backup key in case your phone runs out of batteries or gets lost. The NFC Card is the same shape and size as a hotel key or credit card, making it easy to carry around in your wallet. The setup process for syncing your NFC Card to the Sonata is similar to connecting your phone. First, you'll need to start the car. Have your phone and the Hyundai Digital Key app in the car. You'll see a selection called "Pair NFC Card" using BLE in the side menu in the app. Put the card on the wireless charger to start automatic pairing. The card can be saved in the infotainment system if you have navigation.

To ensure that the system works correctly, turn off your car and walk away. Then, approach the vehicle with the phone on. Holding your phone to the driver's door should unlock it after a few seconds.

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