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Caring Pathways is a nonprofit organization that works with adults who want to succeed in the community but struggle with developmental disabilities. The nonprofit is located in Carrollton but often serves surrounding areas if there is a need. Due to various limitations, such as the lack of facilities, program ineligibility, or even geographical limitations, clients are not able to join the current readily available programs. When the organization gets involved, it offers assistance in teaching adults how to be more self-sufficient. To promote different skills of independence, Caring Pathways provides several activities and daily schedules that meet the needs of each person.

Tasks that the organization helps with include vocational activities, cooking, and basic hygiene. Caring Pathways works with adults to encourage, teach and promote social skills needed to interact with people so that they can be successful in everyday situations, such as shopping for groceries or going to a class. Many of the adults who seek help from the organization don't have the community resources available. That's where Caring Pathways can help. Those who are eligible will need to enroll. Once enrollment and all paperwork are completed, clients can join the daily programs that are provided every weekday.

If you'd like to learn more about Caring Pathways of Carrollton or how you can support their efforts, please visit their website for further details.

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