Hyundai All Wheel Drive Vs. Four Wheel Drive


AWD vs 4WD - What's the Difference?

Thanks to the available online resources, the car buying process is now easier than ever. However, some phrases such as all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive challenge most car buyers when shopping for their next cars. Although these systems work by providing power to all four wheels, they have significant differences.

What is All-Wheel Drive?

Even though 4WD works conveniently on large SUVs and trucks, AWD is best on commuter cars, sedans, and luxury vehicles. Of the two systems, AWD is more sophisticated, but it uses a computerized system making it more convenient and easier to use. Although it is not perfect for off-roading adventures, AWD systems are ideal for daily commuting.

This system operates by sending power to each axle individually, providing ideal control in harsh conditions. The system also uses three differentials: center, front, and rear differentials, to give power to the wheels that require more traction. Newer systems also have sensors that help in monitoring each wheel's traction and speed.

What is Four-Wheel Drive?

Also known as four-by-four, this system is the oldest of these two drivetrains. It works best in off-road vehicles that need to climb hilly terrains and crawl over challenging obstacles. One beauty of this system is that it comes with a turn on and off option that gives the driver control over the 4WD system. This gives you the convenience of driving capably on smooth terrain.

When the driver turns the 4WD system on, the transfer case receives the power, sending it to the rear and front axles appropriately, equipping all wheels with maximum torque. This gives the wheels enough ability to crank through mud and climb over hills and rocks. 4WD system also features high and low range settings that provide the driver with total control. Thus, when you need to crawl over steeps at low speeds, you can set the range at a low position and change it to high when you need to navigate through slippery conditions.

If you have issues choosing between the two drivetrains, our sales team at Van Hyundai is ready to help you come up with a great decision. Visit our dealership today, and test drive a vehicle that suits your lifestyle and budget.


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