Facts About Oil Change Service

Video Description: Discover the reasons why you should receive oil change service in Carrollton. Also, find out when to bring your Hyundai in for service at our dealership.

At Van Hyundai, we stand by our customers with every mile they put on their car. That's why we continuously look for ways to provide you with the best possible customer service possible each and every time you visit our store. With our large, onsite service center and dedicated team of service professionals, you can count on us to take care of all your vehicle needs.

Why Are Regular Oil Changes & Filter Replacements Important?

Getting your oil and filter changed in Carrollton, Texas on a regular basis helps keep your car running smoothly. Oil lubricates the moving parts under your hood and a filter helps keep debris and dirt from getting into your engine.

Over time oil breaks down and loses its effectiveness at properly lubricating your engine's parts. Fresh oil not only helps ensure that your engine is well lubricated, but it also keeps parts clean because of the detergents that are often found in most types of engine oils.

Oil filters sift through fine particles that are collected in its catch. If left unchanged, a dirty filter can become clogged and can really do damage to your engine. It is highly recommended to get your oil filter replaced at least every other oil change.

Oil ChangeMake Van Hyundai Your Car Servicing Headquarters!

We take pride in offering our customers various service coupons in Carrollton that will help save them money. At Van Hyundai, our service technicians are factory trained, so you'll feel confident in knowing that they will handle all of your service needs with the utmost care and efficiency.

Let's face it, most of us are pressed for time. At our Carrollton car dealership, we understand this, which is why we encourage our customers to fill out our online appointment form to help them save time. When you're finished filling this out, please bring your car, truck or SUV into our service center and we'll take care of the rest!


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